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But your patience can run thin over time as these updates consume a large chunk of your computer’s processing power, bring issues and problems, and of course your valuable time in the process. Now to prevent the driver or update being reinstalled, download them and run the “Show or hide updates troubleshooter“. In the policy properties window, select the “Enabled” radio button, and then click on the “Show” button appearing under the Options category. Also, you can disable feature updates for a period of 365 days or so using the same process and the option is available just before the option to defer quality updates.

  • As mentioned before in this article, basic registry operations are reading information from ​Registry and writing information to the database.
  • It’s an approach that would likely become more convincing once Microsoft finally sorts out the messy Control Panel/Settings app situation.
  • The sample code is provided on an “AS IS” basis.

Many programs add themselves to your computer’s startup procedure as part of the install process. As well as being a very sneaky thing to do, unneeded background software takes up precious resources. Here’s how to customize the way Storage Sense works, and to tell it to delete old versions of Windows. (Click image to enlarge it.)You can also delete old versions of Windows that might be hogging space. At the bottom of the screen, check the box next to “Delete previous versions of Windows.” Storage Sense will then delete old versions of Windows ten days after you’ve installed an upgrade. Note that if you do this, you won’t be able to revert to the older version of Windows. Windows Registry holds all the settings that are needed for the Windows system and installed programs to function properly.

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The rates, fees and information on this page, while accurate at the time of writing, is subject to change and may have changed since originally published. Once fixed, our computers were clocked to run at the out of box state they did when they were brand new – This was the only registry cleaner able to do this as well.

This allows Windows to add effects like transparency and live taskbar thumbnails. This process is a vital part of Windows that you cannot prevent from running.

Click on the Set button and then Ok to save changes. Now open the CPU tab and sort the list from higher to lower by clicking on the “Average CPU” option. Just remember that, don’t close the service that you don’t know. This might stop your PC from responding, and you need to restart it forcefully, which in turn could lose all your unsaved data.

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In the programs list on the left side of the window, click Firefox. Click on the link labeled Set your default programs. The Set your default programs panel will open.


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